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Customized Wavefront Technology (CWT)

CWT has been a great advance in the field of refractive surgery. So what is it? Essentially, it is an auxiliary measurement used to further define the refractive status of an individual eye. The instrument used is known as a computerized wavefront analyzer. It works by projecting a wave of light into the eye and the eye reflects back the wave. The computer then analyzes how the reflected wave was changed by the eye. This analysis gives much more information and detail concerning the refractive status of the eye.

CWT measures the amount of near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and astigmatism which are “low order” aberrations. Furthermore, CWT also measures what are known as “high order” visual aberrations which can prevent the eye from seeing optimally. In short, CWT maps the “fingerprint” of each individual eye.

CWT Guided LASIK and PRK

Dr. Hendricks uses CWT guided refractive surgery for all LASIK and PRK procedures. This happens by generating a treatment program from the CWT and refractive data which “guides” the excimer laser treatment. There are a number of advantages with this advanced technology:

  • It attempts to correct both “low order” and “high order” aberrations and attempts to improve visual outcomes and reduce glare
  • It “registers” or uses the patient’s iris as a landmark to keep the eye aligned when treating astigmatism
  • It applies the laser at a high frequency which provides a smoother laser treatment

Why Chose Dr. Hendricks as your refractive surgeon?

Because he cares about your eyes as much as you do. Dr. Hendricks does his own preoperative and postoperative evaluations as well as the surgery. He will counsel you and give you an honest opinion about your candidacy for LASIK or PRK surgery. If any problem arises during the postoperative period, he will be there for you. You will experience the doctor-patient relationship the way it was meant to be.